Our Story

Hi! My name is Andrea and I'm the founder of Pursuit of Views.

Pursuit of Views was originally the name for my photography page which I created to share my love for BC's scenery and landscapes. 

The idea to create a yoga mat that combined my passion for photography came to me while I was sitting in a yoga class one day. Looking around at everyone's mats, something dawned on me; despite everyone wearing brightly coloured yoga leggings, all the mats were pretty bland. Also the majority of them were not eco-friendly - most made of PVC which is the most toxic and hard to recycle plastics out there. 

After this realization, I became inspired to combine my passion for photography, sustainability and health & fitness to create a yoga mat that was both aesthetically pleasing and sustainable.

During my final semester of business school while taking an entrepreneurship specialization, I decided to finally bring this idea to fruition. Following graduation, I moved to Whistler, BC which I knew was the perfect place to bring Pursuit of Views to life. The surrounding landscapes and natural beauty in Whistler is the inspiration for the first collection of Pursuit of Views mats.  

The Brand 

Pursuit of Views is an eco yoga mat brand that blends beautiful West Coast landscape photography with eco-friendly materials to create mats that are a work of art and a yoga experience that heightens your senses. 

Sustainability is at the forefront of the brand, we are committed to the cause of making eco-friendly yoga mats. Our mats are crafted with biodegradable natural tree rubber, while the top is comprised of microsuede fibres made from recycled plastic bottles. 

We collaborate with local photographers to showcase the stunning scenery around Whistler. The imagery on our mats helps to facilitate a yoga experience that deepens one’s connection to the natural environment while practicing.